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Bobcat Magazine | March 19, 2019

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Bobcat bikini model isn’t congressman’s secret love child after all

Bobcat bikini model isn’t congressman’s secret love child after all

| On 13, Sep 2013


Bobcat bombshell Victoria Brink’s life just keeps getting stranger.

Six months ago, the Texas State fashion merchandizing alumna was thrust onto the national stage in one of the most bizarre political scandals of 2013. Now she’s getting a second 15 minutes — fame, to be fair, she never asked for — with the revelation that she is not, as previously believed, the long-lost secret love child of a Tennessee congressman.

“I sometimes wish I had handled everything differently but I can’t take it back,” Brink told Inside Edition. Except for being Twitter-challenged, it’s not clear what Brink thinks she did wrong; she may be least of all to blame for the whole sordid affair.

In February, U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen set tongues wagging when he sent, then quickly deleted, a series of sappy and seemingly sexually suggestive Tweets to Brink, some of them from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives during the president’s State of the Union address. Brink and Cohen apparently thought they were sending private messages, not tweeting them to the world.

Online media and cable news wasted no time jumping to the conclusion that the congressman, then 63, was banging the hot young woman to whom he had written things like “give me a good time.” Google searches turned up albums of racy photos of the amateur bikini model. The story as good as wrote itself and Brink quickly became the most famous member of the SM Dozen.

The uproar led Cohen to announce that Brink was not his lover but a secret love child conceived during a tryst with Brink’s mother 23 years earlier. Cohen said Houston criminal defense attorney Cynthia White Sinatra told him in 2010 that Victoria was his daughter. Victoria had always been under the impression that her father was Houston oilman John Brink.

After connecting with her on Facebook, Cohen said he sought to build a relationship with Brink, even taking her to the White House Christmas party where she was introduced to the First Family as Cohen’s daughter.

It was all so weird it had to be true. Only it wasn’t, apparently.

In a scene regrettably reminiscent of a Jerry Springer “You-Ain’t-My-Baby-Daddy” episode, CNN cameras were rolling this summer when Victoria Brink and her father, John Brink, walked into a Houston area storefront laboratory to learn the outcome of a paternity test.

“The results show that Steve Cohen is not my father,” Brink read aloud from a paper. Watching the video, one half expects the king of daytime TV slime to show up and solemnly explain that the results of the test are 99.9 percent accurate.

Later, Cohen told CNN he was “stunned” and “floored” to learn after three years that Brink was not his offspring. He said he had simply taken her mother’s word that he was Brink’s biological father.

“I hope and plan to continue my relationship, I think of her still as my daughter. I mean, she’s been that. It’s hard to think not,” Cohen said.

The only thing missing from this is tale is a high-minded Final Thought segment during which Springer tells us what it all means.

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